Our products perform to the highest international standards, maintaining our position as key suppliers to major international retailers, a professional network of distributors, licensees, military & law enforcement agencies across the world. 

Where we came from


Hi-Tec Sports was founded by Frank van Wezel, and it was his love for sport that led him to build an innovative, lightweight and instantly comfortable Squash shoe.


Magnum was born following a direct request from the FBI training centre, for lightweight, athletic and comfortable tactical boots.


The 50 Peaks brand was created and its first collection was introduced with the support of mountaineer Adrian Crane, who in that year climbed the highest 50 peaks in all of the USA’s 50 states.


Ed van Wezel, Frank van Wezel’s son became CEO of Hi-Tec Sports, and the company moved to The Netherlands.


IBG was founded by Ed van Wezel and AMG, acquiring the Hi-Tec, Magnum, 50 Peaks and Interceptor licenses for Central & South America, Middle East, Asia, Australia & New Zealand.


International Brands Group can boast one of the best footwear design and development teams in the industry, thanks to our experienced designers and product specialists. We have a wealth of expertise across all footwear categories, as well as longstanding relationships with top retailers and material suppliers such as Vibram, Cordura and Michelin.


With sourcing capabilities across Asia, offices in Hong Kong and China, and global sales distribution headquartered in The Netherlands, we are strongly positioned for international growth. 


We are fully equipped to test the physical properties of inbound materials and of our finished products to industry standards, thanks to our own in-house SATRA Technology laboratory. Their accreditation to perform many standard tests within the scope of the industry ensures that our products are always above and beyond international standard requirements.


At IBG, we carefully select our production facilities for their specialization, production capacity, history, and compliance to corporate, social, ethical and environmental standards.